Family Physicians' Quality Interventions and Performance Improvement Through the ABFM Diabetes Performance in Practice Module - American Board of Medical Specialties

This study is a validation of the Family Medicine Maintenance of Certification program, Part IV (MC-FP). The MC-FP Performance in Practice Module (PPM) uses National Quality Forum-endorsed measures, as part IV of the MC-FP requires measurement of the quality of care provided. Data was collected from PPMs of over 8,000 quality improvement projects over a seven-year period. This study showed that family physicians did substantially increase examination procedures pertaining to diabetes control and successfully applied quality improvement practices using quality measures. Limitations to this study included self-reported data, potential selection bias (of patients), and inability to link related American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) data for comparison. Despite these limitations, patient outcomes showed significant improvements in hemoglobin control and blood pressure control, as well as an increase in retina and foot examinations.

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