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Associations Between American Board of Internal Medicine Maintenance of Certification Status and Performance on a Set of Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set Process Measures

Maintenance of Certification: Beauty Is in the Eyes of the Beholder

The American Board of Internal Medicine: Evolving Professional Self-Regulation

An Analysis of the Knowledge Base of Practicing Internists As Measured by the 1980 Recertification Examination

Systematic Review: The Relationship Between Clinical Experience and Quality of Health Care

Improving Asthma Care Through Recertification: A Cluster Randomized Trial

Who is Maintaining Certification in Internal Medicine – and Why? A National Survey 10 Years After Initial Certification

Predictive Validity of Certification by the American Board of Internal Medicine

Professionalism in Medicine: Results of a National Survey of Physicians

Comparison of Quality of Care in the Veterans Health Administration and Patients in a National Sample