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It Takes a Community: The North Carolina Division of Public Health and the North Carolina Area Health Education Center Program Partner to Reduce Strokes and Health Attacks

Patient Care Outcomes of the SEAHEC Improving Performance in Practice (IPIP) Experience

More Extensive Implementation of the Chronic Care Model is Associated with Better Lipid Control in Diabetes

Transforming Quality of Care in North Carolina

Natural History of Practice Transformation: Development and Initial Testing of an Outcomes-Based Model

Infrastructure for Large-Scale Quality-Improvement Projects: Early Lessons From North Carolina Improving Performance in Practice

Designing a Large-Scale Multilevel Improvement Initiative: The Improving Performance in Practice Program

Collaboration in Pennsylvania: Rapidly Spreading Improved Chronic Care for Patients to Practices

Family Physician Participation in Maintenance of Certification

Improved Outcomes in a Quality Improvement Collaborative for Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease

A Randomized Trial of Practice-based Education to Improve Delivery Systems for Anticipatory Guidance

Improving Pediatricians’ Compliance-enhancing Practices

Impact of an Educational Initiative on Applied Knowledge and Attitudes of Physicians Who Treat Sexual Dysfunction

A Statewide, Population-based, Time Series Analysis of the Outcome of Ruptured Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

Disciplinary Action Against Physicians: Who is Likely to Get Discipline?