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Changing Physician Behavior: What Works?

A Randomized Trial of a Family Physician Intervention for Smoking Cessation

A Randomized Trial of Continuing Medical Education

Randomized Controlled Trial of a Combined Video-workbook Educational Program for CME

Does a Mailed Continuing Education Program Improve Physician Performance? Results of a Randomized Trial in Antihypertensive Care

Practice-based Small-group CME

A Controlled Evaluation of a National Continuing Medical Education Programme Designed to Improve Family Physicians’ Implementation of Diabetes-specific Clinical Practice Quidelines

Commitment to Change Statements Can Predict Actual Change in Practice

Audit and Feedback: Effects on Professional Practice and Health Care Outcomes

Impact of Formal Continuing Medical Education: Do Conferences, Workshops, Rounds, and Other Traditional Continuing Education Activities Change Physician Behavior or Health Care Outcomes