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A Practice Quality Improvement Project: Reducing Dose of Routine Chest CT Imaging in a Busy Clinical Practice

Maintenance of Certification and the Aging Neurosurgeon

MO-G-204-01: Current MOC Requirements with An Emphasis On Recent Changes

Physician Attitudes About Maintenance of Certification: A Cross-Specialty National Survey

Forecasting the Effect of the Change in Timing of the ABR Diagnostic Radiology Examinations: Results of the ACR Survey of Practice Leaders

Measuring Reflection on Participation in Quality Improvement Activities for Maintenance of Certification

Integrating Maintenance of Board Certification and Health Systems’ Quality Improvement Programs

More Than a List of Values and Desired Behaviors: A Foundational Understanding of Medical Professionalism

Getting Maintenance of Certification to Work: A Grounded Theory Study of Physicians’ Perceptions

Reducing PICU Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infections: 3-Year Results

Men’s Sexual Health: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Print- and PDA-based CME

A Randomized Trial to Increase Smoking Intervention by Physicians. Doctors Helping Smokers, Round I

Decreasing PICU Catheter-associated Bloodstream Infections: NACHRI’s Quality Transformation Efforts