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Ensuring Physicians’ Competence — Is Maintenance of Certification the Answer?

Conducting a Successful Practice Quality Improvement Project for American Board of Radiology Certification

More Than a List of Values and Desired Behaviors: A Foundational Understanding of Medical Professionalism

Nosocomial Infection Reduction in VLBW Infants with a Statewide Quality-Improvement Model

Using the American Board of Internal Medicine Practice Improvement Modules to Teach Internal Medicine Residents Practice Improvement

Effectiveness of a Controlled Trial to Promote Colorectal Cancer Screening in Vietnamese Americans

Increasing the Screening and Counseling of Adolescents for Risky Behaviors: A Primary Care Intervention

Physician Management of Hypercholesterolemia. A Randomized Trial of Continuing Medical Education

The National DES Education Program: Effectiveness of the California Health Provider Intervention

Training Physicians in Counseling About Smoking Cessation. A Randomized Trial of the “Quit for Life” Program

Training Physicians About Smoking Cessation: A Controlled Trial in Private Practices

The Effectiveness of an Internet-based Tutorial in Improving Primary Care Physicians Skin Cancer Triage Skills

Characteristics Associated with Physician Discipline: A Case-control Study

The Relationship Between Physicians’ Qualifications and Experience and the Adequacy of Prenatal Care and Low Birthweight