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Simulation for Maintenance of Certification in Anesthesiology: The First Two Years

Performance of Certification and Recertification Examinees on Multiple Choice Test Items: Does Physician Age Have an Impact?

How Do Publicly Reported Medicare Quality Metrics for Radiologists Compare with Those of Other Specialty Groups?

Transforming Physician Certification to Support Physician Self-motivation and Capacity to Improve Quality and Safety

Physician Satisfaction With and Practice Changes Resulting From American Board of Family Medicine Maintenance of Certification Performance in Practice Modules

Laparoscopic Colectomy and the General Surgeon

Maintenance of Certification and the Aging Neurosurgeon

Understanding the Operative Experience of the Practicing Pediatric Surgeon

Dreyfus and Dreyfus and Indicators of Behavioral Performance: A Study of Measurement Convergence

Professional Self-regulation in a Changing World Old Problems Need New Approaches

Of the Profession, by the Profession, and for Patients, Families, and Communities ABMSBoard Certification and Medicine’s Professional Self-regulation

Ensuring Physicians’ Competence — Is Maintenance of Certification the Answer?

American Board of Radiology Maintenance of Certification Program: Evolution to Better Serve Stakeholders

MyPOD: an EMR-Based Tool that Facilitates Quality Improvement and Maintenance of Certification

Survey of Family History Taking and Genetic Testing in Pediatric Practice

A New Era in Quality Measurement: The Development and Application of Quality Measures

Pediatric Residency Education and the Behavioral and Mental Health Crisis: A Call to Action

Knowing What We Don’t Know — Improving Maintenance of Certification

Commentary on the Potential of the MOCA Minute Program

Association Between Participation in an Intensive Longitudinal Assessment Program and Performance on a Cognitive Examination in the Maintenance of Certification in Anesthesiology Program®

Improving Maintenance of Certification Self-Assessment Through Collaboration and Innovation

Completing Self-assessment Modules During Residency Is Associated With Better Certification Exam Results

The American Board of Surgery Maintenance of Certification Program: The First 10 Years

Conducting a Successful Practice Quality Improvement Project for American Board of Radiology Certification

Continuous Certification Within Residency: An Educational Model

Follow-up on ABIM Maintenance of Certification

Maintenance of Certification and Pediatrics Milestones-Based Assessment: An Opportunity for Quality Improvement Through Lifelong Assessment

Point: Twin Dogmas of Maintenance of Certification

Measuring Reflection on Participation in Quality Improvement Activities for Maintenance of Certification

ABFM’s Heart Failure Self-Assessment Module Simulation Actions Vis-A-Vis Guideline Recommendations

Practice Improvements Based on Participation in Simulation for the Maintenance of Certification in Anesthesiology Program

Emergency Department Quality Improvement Activity: An Inventory from the American Board of Emergency Medicine Maintenance of Certification Program

Knowledge Assessment Responses in the ABFM Self-Assessment Modules (SAMs)

Family Physicians’ Completion of Scoring Criteria in Virtual Patient Encounters

Using the American Board of Internal Medicine Practice Improvement Modules to Teach Internal Medicine Residents Practice Improvement

Maintenance of Certification and Its Association with the Clinical Knowledge of Family Physicians

Toward Better Care Coordination Through Improved Communication with Referring Physicians

Family Physician Participation in Maintenance of Certification

Diuretic of Choice in ABFM Hypertension Self-assessment Module Simulations

Setting a Fair Performance Standard for Physicians’ Quality of Patient Care

Perspectives and Preferences Among the General Public Regarding Physician Selection and Board Certification

The Role of Physician Specialty Board Certification Status in Quality Movement

Accuracy of Physician Self-assessment Compared with Observed Measures of Competence: A Systematic Review

Confirming the Validity of the General Pediatrics Certification Examinations: A Practice Analysis

Who is Maintaining Certification in Internal Medicine – and Why? A National Survey 10 Years After Initial Certification

Promoting Physicians’ Self-assessment and Quality Improvement: The ABIM Diabetes Practice Improvement Module

Assessing Quality of Care: Knowledge Matters

Maintenance of Certification of Family Physicians (MC-FP) Self-assessment Modules (SAMs): The First Year

Self-assessment of Practice Performance: Development of the ABIM Practice Improvement Module (PIM)