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Maintenance of Certification and the Challenge of Professionalism

Maintenance of Certification Part 4: From Trial to Tribute

How Do Publicly Reported Medicare Quality Metrics for Radiologists Compare with Those of Other Specialty Groups?

Relationship Between Physicians Active Participation in Maintenance of Certification and Patients Perspective of Care Surveys

MyPOD: an EMR-Based Tool that Facilitates Quality Improvement and Maintenance of Certification

Using Maintenance of Certification as a Tool to Improve the Delivery of Confidential Care for Adolescent Patients

Hospital and Emergency Department Factors Associated with Variations in Missed Diagnosis and Costs for Patients Age 65 Years and Older with Acute Myocardial Infarction Who Present to Emergency Departments

Forecasting the Effect of the Change in Timing of the ABR Diagnostic Radiology Examinations: Results of the ACR Survey of Practice Leaders

ABFM’s Heart Failure Self-Assessment Module Simulation Actions Vis-A-Vis Guideline Recommendations

Patient Care Outcomes of the SEAHEC Improving Performance in Practice (IPIP) Experience

Quality Improvement in Childhood Obesity Management through the Maintenance of Certification Process

Family Physicians’ Completion of Scoring Criteria in Virtual Patient Encounters

Association Between Maintenance of Certification Examination Scores and Quality of Care for Medicare Beneficiaries