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Variation in Part-Time Work Among Pediatric Subspecialties

Performance of Certification and Recertification Examinees on Multiple Choice Test Items: Does Physician Age Have an Impact?

How Do Publicly Reported Medicare Quality Metrics for Radiologists Compare with Those of Other Specialty Groups?

Current Workforce of General Pediatricians in the United States

Maintenance of Certification and the Aging Neurosurgeon

Understanding the Operative Experience of the Practicing Pediatric Surgeon

Dreyfus and Dreyfus and Indicators of Behavioral Performance: A Study of Measurement Convergence

ABAI’s MOC Assessment of Knowledge Program Matures: Adding Value with Continuous Learning and Assessment

The Role of Internal Medicine Subspecialists in Patient Care Management

Physician Attitudes About Maintenance of Certification: A Cross-Specialty National Survey

Minimally Invasive Surgery Fellowship Graduates: Their Demographics, Practice Patterns, and Contributions

Continuous Certification Within Residency: An Educational Model

Maintenance of Certification and Pediatrics Milestones-Based Assessment: An Opportunity for Quality Improvement Through Lifelong Assessment

Specialty Board Certification in the United States: Issues and Evidence

ABFM’s Heart Failure Self-Assessment Module Simulation Actions Vis-A-Vis Guideline Recommendations

Do Professional Development Programs for Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Affect Quality of Patient Care?

Family Physicians’ Completion of Scoring Criteria in Virtual Patient Encounters

Toward Better Care Coordination Through Improved Communication with Referring Physicians

Teaching and Evaluating Point of Care Learning with an Internet-Based Clinical Question Portfolio

Setting a Fair Performance Standard for Physicians’ Quality of Patient Care