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Incorporation of Quality and Safety Principles in Maintenance of Certification: A Qualitative Analysis of American Board of Medical Specialties Member Boards

Primary Care Physicians’ Perceptions of Practice Improvement as a Professional Responsibility: A Cross-sectional Study

A Single Activity With a Practice Quality Improvement Project for Faculty and a Quality Improvement Project for Residents

Improving the Quality of Patient Care Through a Collaborative Maintenance of Certification and Next Accreditation System Project

Assessment of the Focused Practice Improvement Module of the American Board of Dermatology for Meeting Requirements of Maintenance of Certification

Interprofessional QI Training Enhances Competency and QI Productivity Among Graduates: Findings From Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Recent Trends in Continuing Medical Education Among Obstetricians-Gynecologists

Provision of Palliative Care Services by Family Physicians Is Common

Physician Satisfaction With and Practice Changes Resulting From American Board of Family Medicine Maintenance of Certification Performance in Practice Modules

Relationship Between Physicians Active Participation in Maintenance of Certification and Patients Perspective of Care Surveys

Current Workforce of General Pediatricians in the United States

Maintenance of Certification and the Aging Neurosurgeon

Dreyfus and Dreyfus and Indicators of Behavioral Performance: A Study of Measurement Convergence

Quality Metrics Currently Used in Academic Radiology Departments: Results of the QUALMET Survey

ABAI’s MOC Assessment of Knowledge Program Matures: Adding Value with Continuous Learning and Assessment

Survey of Family History Taking and Genetic Testing in Pediatric Practice

The Role of Internal Medicine Subspecialists in Patient Care Management

The American Board of Radiology Radiation Oncology Maintenance of Certification Part 3 Modular Examination: Evaluation of the First Administration

Physician Attitudes About Maintenance of Certification: A Cross-Specialty National Survey

More Than Reducing Complexity: Canadian Specialists’ Views of the Royal College’s Maintenance of Certification Framework and Program

The American Board of Emergency Medicine ConCert™ Examination: Emergency Physicians’ Perceptions of Learning and Career Benefits

Physician Preparation for the American Board of Emergency Medicine ConCert Examination

Informal Peer Interaction and Practice Type as Predictors of Physician Performance on Maintenance of Certification Examinations

Minimally Invasive Surgery Fellowship Graduates: Their Demographics, Practice Patterns, and Contributions

Role for Assessment in Maintenance of Certification: Physician Perceptions of Assessment

Forecasting the Effect of the Change in Timing of the ABR Diagnostic Radiology Examinations: Results of the ACR Survey of Practice Leaders

Family Physicians’ Scope of Practice and American Board of Family Medicine Recertification Examination Performance

Practice Improvements Based on Participation in Simulation for the Maintenance of Certification in Anesthesiology Program

Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment is Relevant to Emergency Physicians

Improving Quality of Care and Guideline Adherence for Asthma Through a Group Self-Assessment Module

Family Physician Participation in Quality Improvement

The Relationship Between the Nature of Practice and Performance on a Cognitive Examination

Toward Better Care Coordination Through Improved Communication with Referring Physicians

Teaching and Evaluating Point of Care Learning with an Internet-Based Clinical Question Portfolio

Policies and Practices Related to the Role of Board Certification and Recertification of Pediatricians in Hospital Privileging

Use of Board Certification and Recertification of Pediatricians in Health Plan Credentialing Policies

Clinical Inactivity Among Pediatricians: Prevalence and Perspectives

The Role of Physician Engagement on the Impact of the Hospital-Based Practice Improvement Module (PIM)

Perspectives and Preferences Among the General Public Regarding Physician Selection and Board Certification

Confirming the Validity of the General Pediatrics Certification Examinations: A Practice Analysis

Who is Maintaining Certification in Internal Medicine – and Why? A National Survey 10 Years After Initial Certification

Maintenance of Certification of Family Physicians (MC-FP) Self-assessment Modules (SAMs): The First Year

Characteristics of General and Subspecialty Pediatricians Who Choose Not to Recertify